The Great American Song Contest

Top 5 Winner – Adult Contemporary category for ‘Even If I Can’t’

Unsigned Songwriting Contest

2018 Finalist for the song ‘Good Luck’
2016 Semi-Finalist for the song ‘Think I Care’

33rd MASC Award Winner

in POP Category for the song ‘Think I Care’

Hollywood Songwriter Competition

for ‘Think I Care’
Nominee and Finalist – Pop Category for ‘Here I Am’

Even If I Can’t

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Madi Earl is only 18, but her original songs have already garnered many awards in the songwriting community. Her song ‘Even If I Can’t’ was chosen as a Top 5 Winner in the Great American Song Contest. The judges praised Madi’s song for its “smartly devised lyrical stories and well-crafted melodic composition.” This was one of the six songs that Madi wrote and recorded for her first EP, when she was only 16 years old.

Last summer Madi finished her second EP that was recorded at the Record Plant Recording Studios in Hollywood. She plans on releasing a few of those songs as singles first, followed by an EP release in 2019. One of the songs on her new EP was recently chosen as a finalist in the 2018 Unsigned Only Songwriting Contest.

Madi resides in Arizona where you can find her working on her songwriting craft and performing at local venues. When Madi performs for an audience, you can hear the heartache in her lyrics along with the emotion in her voice. She is usually the one at the microphone, but occasionally you might also find her behind a piano or with a violin in her hand.

You can follow Madi on Instagram @madiearlmusic.

“Madi Earl might not be old enough to vote, but she’s already garnishing attention for her songwriting skills”
-Carly Schorman, YabYum Music and Arts, 7 Emerging Singer Songwriters


Madi Earl – Even if I Can’t

7 Emerging Singer Songwriters
– YabYum Music & Arts

Best Song of the Month Finalist
Songwriter Universe Top 5 – November
– for the song Even if I Can’t

Songwriter Universe Top 5 – January
– for the song Think I Care

Recent & Upcoming Gigs/Performances

  • Bold Roast Espresso Bar and Café
  • GCH Gala – Charity Event
  • Working on her new EP at Saltmine Studios in Mesa, Arizona
  • Performing at Berklee College of Music during the Summer Songwriting class
  • Performing at SoZo Coffee House on August 13th at 8pm
  • Performing at SoZo Coffee House on November 19th at 8:30pm
  • Attending the 33rd Annual MASC Award Gala – January 22nd in Vienna, VA
  • Performing at SoZo Coffee House on April 7th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Working on new singles at Record Plant in Los Angeles, October 17th-21st
  • Performing at SoZo Coffee House on January 5th at 7:30pm


Please use the form below for general contact requests or to inquire about performance scheduling and availability. Thank you!

Even If I Can’t

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